Portfolio X-Ray

Portfolio X-Ray is a Morningstar component that enables an adviser to understand the fundamental characteristics of client portfolios. The functionality allows to screen a particular asset as a whole and not breaking down into transaction level. The Portfolio X-Ray tool enables the adviser to explore true asset allocation while uncovering exposure to various investment styles, geographic regions, sectors, and more. It provides insights to Advisors giving them crystal clear ideas on diversification quality of an overall portfolio across varied criteria.

Step to Access Portfolio X-Ray

  • Select a client and hover to reports tab. You would find Portfolio X-Ray in the options available in the drop-down

Review Date Management Widget

Given the risks associated with Fee For No Service and the headaches of tracking upcoming reviews, we’ve made significant enhancements to the ‘Next Review Date Including Overdue’ widget on Adviser Home.  It is now an intuitive framework to help you manage your upcoming client review meetings efficiently and understand where things stand at a glance.

Streamline your process so that you can easily see which upcoming meetings require attention and are able to track progress all the way through to meeting completion.  



SOA Download in Docx (Word)

We heard you!

You now have the extended flexibility of downloading and editing the most critical part of the advice, the Statement of Advice (SoA) in a Docx (Word) format. This will considerably add to the ease of preparing the SoA from start to end.

Downloading the SoA in Docx

On the scenario card, from the download dropdown, you will now see two icons next to SoA, one for Word and one for PDF.


Click on the icon marked above to download the SoA in the word format.

Note – The Docx version of the SoA can only be downloaded from the scenario card.